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Happy New Year!

New year’s resolution!

My new year’s resolution is (as always) to get healthy!

That’s usually my new year’s resolution every year because it is something we should all strive for. Excellence in health is excellence in life. I truly believe that if you are physically healthy you can become successful and all other areas of life.

HIIT the gym! What I mean by that is to do High Intensity Interval Training exercises to boost your metabolism, speed up weightloss, lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, balance blood sugar levels, and decrease inflammation. This type of exercise gets your heart pumping and gets blood flowing to all of your vital organs. The key is to reach your maximum intensity of exercise for a short period of time to increase your heart rate, and then bring your heart back down to resting level. These short bursts of intense exercise are the most effective type of exercise that allow your body to continue to burn calories even after you stop working out! The endorphins released in the brain by doing this type of exercise also help you feel good and get motivated to continue! The best part is... it’s fun!

It’s easy to do and its fun because they are only short bursts! You don’t have to feel like you need to labour through a 2 hour cardio session to reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Even just 20 min of this type of exercise can be equivalent to an hour jog at the same constant pace. Four to six cycles of high intensity exercises are all you need to start. As you build your endurance, you will increase your intensity bursts and decrease your resting period. HIIT exercises can be used in weight training as well as cardio, and the results can be magical.

Don’t have a gym membership? You don’t need one! You can do this type of training in the comfort of your own home.

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